Reinventing piano music: Intriguing Interview with Yamaha Artist Nils Frahm

Re-interpreting the tradition of a great instrument over and over again: Yamaha Artist Nils Frahm blurs the boundaries between genres and inspires a worldwide audience with his compositions.

By integrating elements of electronic music into his work, the Berlin-based pianist and composer is a true pioneer of modern piano music. On January 26, the new album “All Melody” will be released, which was created in his recording studio in legendary Funkhaus Berlin. In an exclusive interview with Yamaha Music Europe, Frahm talks about his inspirations, the message of his music and his relationship to the instrument.

Nils Frahm: My mission in making music is helping people listen to themselves

“My mission in making music is helping people listening to themselves”

Frahm draws inspiration from studying everyday life and his surroundings. Composing and improvising with the Yamaha CFX piano is a great way to express these experiences. Therefore the exceptional artist’s cooperation with Yamaha Music is only logical and a genuine enrichment for the Yamaha Artists program.


Born 1982 in Hamburg, Nils Frahm first came in contact with the piano in his childhood. By modifying his instruments as well as using electronic loops and samples, Frahm’s compositions appear as a fusion of classical and reinvented piano music. For this the artist doesn’t want to stick to a single genre. His collaborations with several artists such as the Icelandic Òlafur Arnalds are proof of Frahm’s musical variety. In addition to that, he also composes film music. His work for the film “Victoria” won the Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Award) in 2015. To celebrate the piano together with other musicians, Frahm founded the “Piano Day” in 2015. On January 26, the new album “All Melody” will be released. At the same time Nils Frahm starts his tour with stops in Europe, North America and Asia.