YAMAHA 'Smart Pianist' app: new for Android, updated for iOS

YAMAHA has updated its Smart Pianist app in response to the widespread use of smart technologies today. The IOS version 2.0 makes piano playing smarter than ever before. In addition to the Clavinova CSP series digital pianos, users can now also control the Clavinova CLP series models, the Arius YDP-S34, the P-125 portable piano, as well as the AvantGrand NU1X and the AvantGrand N3X from their iPhone or iPad. The Smart Pianist 2.0 app by YAMAHA is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It provides a plethora of options for players to vary their own piano playing, select backing tracks, improve their own technique, or play their personal favourites. With the Smart Pianist app, selecting and combining different voices becomes a breeze, and for songs in MIDI format, the notation can be displayed on your device. Moreover, users can also incorporate audio titles from their own song library into their piano playing. The app recognizes chords, and tempo as well as pitch can be adjusted during playback. With a CSP series Clavinova, it is also possible to display the notation of audio songs. With all other instruments, chord symbols are displayed. Furthermore, the YAMAHA Smart Pianist app also allows players to record their own performances in top quality, and to customize, save and easily retrieve their own favourite settings, such as grand piano sound modifications, detailed sound adjustments (down to the tuning of individual notes), or sound effects mimicking certain physical environments (concert hall, cathedral, etc.).

In addition to the YAMAHA Smart Pianist version 2.0 for iOS, the first Android version will be made available for free on the Google Play Store at the end of May. Initially, it will be compatible only with Clavinova CSP series models and with select Android devices.

Both app versions promote the intuitive use of the instrument and offer musicians lots of options for varying their play. It is even possible for players to incorporate their own music databases as well as a broad range of learning aids. Whether it's the iOS or the Android version, with the YAMAHA Smart Pianist app, playing piano is becoming easier, more interesting and more varied than ever before – and not only for beginners.

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