CL/QL Firmware Version 5.5 Released. Includes Support for ProVisionaire Control/Touch.

December 9, 2019. Shizuoka, Japan. Yamaha CL/QL series digital mixing consoles have continued to evolve since their release thanks to consistent software updates.

Now update version 5.5 takes that evolution to a new level.

With V5.5, users will be able to monitor and manage their entire system with ProVisionaire Control/Touch V3.5.

Operators can now monitor their entire system of compatible devices, like digital mixers (CL/QL series) and I/O racks (Rio-D2 series), from a single computer no matter where the connected devices are in the venue – which is especially useful for theaters or performance venues.

Not only can faults that aren’t visible from the device’s exterior be easily and quickly detected, but log files make it easy to identify precisely where a problem is originating from.

ProVisionaire Control also provides excellent tools for keeping track of the device connection statuses of your devices as well as preventing, detecting, and solving problems. These new monitoring capabilities are another great addition to the incredible convenience and reliability of the CL/QL series.