Primarily self-taught, Zachary Alford played in night clubs throughout his high school years, interacting with scores of New York musicians, providing him with a rich and diverse atmosphere for playing different styles and gaining first professional experience.

1989 Zachary received a chance to audition for B-52’s. The band was looking for a drummer to go on tour with and after nailing the arranged audition, Zachary was offered the gig that would put him on a 14 month journey of sold out performances worldwide, rock star treatment and major video exposure on MTV.

For Zachary the experience of playing with "the B’s” was about authenticity. “I knew the music, I loved the music, and I wanted to play it like it should be played. Leaving my ego at the door and keeping it simple”.

Following backstage meetings at shows, he was invited to record on further projects like Susanna Hoffs solo album and eventually landed a unique opportunity to audition for Bruce Springsteen. Bruce liked what he heard and felt Zachary would fit in with his new direction and a further world tour was underway in 1992.

In his time with Bruce, Zachary showed he could adapt to different situations, retaining his own footprint, while remaining true to the spirit of the artist. Through the recommendation of a friend from New York, Zachary was offered the David Bowie Gig in 1995.

With David there was more variety in the music, allowing Alford to express himself on a broader level. Bowie was changing his sound as well, giving Zachary even more space for interpretation. In this time, Zachary was able to further define his signature sound and voice, working extensively with loops and a click track.

Following the Outside World Tour '95/'96, he recorded the Earthling album, followed by the Earthling World tour of 1997.

In 2005 and 2007 Zachary played for Gwen Stefani on 2 major tours.

In 2013 Zachary recorded with David Bowie for his highly anticipated No.1 record “The Next Day”.

Aside from touring, Zachary continues to create music with musical partners and utilize the advances of internet and modern distribution. His track “Triangulation” embraces a DIY approach to create and release music in today´s world.

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