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Remote conferencing systems are essential for the new normal conference rooms

Audio Video Communications Ltd has set up their booth featuring “ADECIA”, at Digital Signage Japan 2021.

ADECIA / RM-CG Firmware V1.1.0 Released.

New firmware V1.1.0 supports the RM-TT boundary microphone and provides new functionality.

Yamaha Speakers Deliver Magical Sound At The Alta Lumina Night Walk

Since 2001, Montreal-based Moment Factory has created more than 450 unique projects around the world which are designed to bring people together. In 2020/21 it has produced the Alta Lumina Night Walk in its first collaboration with French ski resort Les Gets. Installed to increase what is on offer to visitors throughout the four seasons, a Yamaha audio system helps to create an engaging, interactive experience.

Yamaha introduces enterprise soundbar "ESB-1090" with Education Mode - optimized audio playback for education, conferences and more

Yamaha's new ESB-1090 enterprise soundbar combines clear sound quality and elegant design with a handy innovation: The education mode

Päivitä valittuihin vuoden 2020 AV-vastaanottimiin HDMI 2.1 -valmius tiettyjä peli- ja videolaitteita varten (toukokuu 2021)

Kun vuonna 2020 lanseerasimme useita AV-vastaanottimia, ilmoitimme tukevamme niissä tulevien päivitysten kautta uusia HDMI 2.1 -ominaisuuksia, kuten 4K:n/120 Hz:n signaalien läpikulkutekniikkaa. Edellä mainittuihin AV-vastaanottimiin on tehtävä tulevaisuudessa laitteistopäivitys, jos niihin aiotaan liittää Xbox Series X -pelikonsoli tai NVIDIA RTX30 -näytönohjain 4K-resoluutiolla / 120 Hz:n taajuudella.

CS-700 Firmware Version Released.

New firmware Version added new features of USB Audio device and provisioning server, and provides some further improvements.

Uppoudu musiikin maailmaan – osta Yamahan soundbar-kaiutin, niin saat ilmaiset Bluetooth-kuulokkeet

Yamaha käynnistää uuden kesäkampanjan, johon osallistumalla voit taata itsellesi upean äänentoiston niin kotioloissa kuin ulkoillessakin. Jos ostat ehdot täyttävän soundbar-kaiuttimen 1.6.–30.6.2021, saat Bluetooth-kuulokkeet täysin ilmaiseksi.

The Audio Impact at the University of Virginia

Now that the staff and researchers have the best quality audio with a best-in-class user experience, they're able to use the system to conduct meaningful and impactful discussions.

Yamaha Is A Sound Investment For Swedish Handball Arena

When handball club IK Lågan was promoted to the Swedish Handball League’s Division 2 in 2019, the club’s home arena - in the town of Hörby in Skåne county, south Sweden - needed to be updated to comply with the division’s rules. As parts of it were 50 years old, the municipality of Hörby decided to build a new venue with facilities for the whole community, including a flexible Yamaha audio system.

Be prepared: For the new hybrid working world

Working from a home office has been challenging over the past year. With the majority of workspaces remaining closed, many are contnuuing to undertake their normal work responsibilities from home.