What's Dante

Compatible with an IP network, gigabit Ethernet. Highly flexible.

1 Gbps multi channel transmission up to 512 x 512 ch at 48 kHz

Low latency transmission that responds flexibly to any occasion

Dante replaces heavy, expensive analog or multicore cabling with a LAN cable such as CAT5e and CAT6.

Because Dante uses logical routing instead of physical point-to-point connections, the network can be configured using available ports with just a few mouse clicks.

It also makes the system expanded easily.

It is reliable even in an emergency as Dante allows redundancy configuration.

Dante System

  • Low-cost and easily-available LAN cable
  • Multi-channel transmission via network*1
  • Uncompressed noise-free transmission
  • General-purpose network switches
  • Easy connection setup using PC*2
  • Duplicated line to deal with disconnection.*3
  • *1 Up to 512 ch with 1000BASE-T, 24 bit, 48 kHz
  • *2 Freeware "Dante Controller" automatically detects devices and provides easy patch settings.
  • *3 Redundant connection is supported to switch lines without any interruption in the event of disconnection.

Conventional System

  • Heavy and expensive cable
  • Limited number of channels
  • Sound deteriorated by noise
  • Requires physical connection between each input and output
  • Risk of wrong connection
  • Difficult to add extra devices
  • Unable to take measures against disconnection