Noise Issue When Using with Digital Keyboard Products [Rec'n'Share for Android Version 2.0.0]

We have confirmed a bug on Rec'n'Share for Android Version 2.0.0 that noise is generated during recording/playback with the specific 6 models of digital keyboards.

Issues with iOS / iPad OS 15 [DTX MULTI-12 TOUCH]

A problem has been reported in version 15 of iOS and iPad OS, in which Apps are sometimes unable to detect a Yamaha musical instrument after making a USB connection.

Important Firmware Update for Yamaha THR10II Wireless/THR30II Wireless Guitar Amps

Yamaha has become aware of four incidents of extreme overheating during charging of the THR-compatible Line 6 products Relay G10T wireless devices.

HDMI-yhteensopivuus AV-viritinvahvistimien, uusien pelilaitteiden kanssa

Tietyissä valituista lähteistä tulevissa videosignaaleissa, kuten 4K/120Hz on havaittu ongelma, mikä johtaa AV-viritinvahvistimen kautta kulkiessa kuvan ja äänen menetykseen.