The 12” tom pad has a completely new design, which uses high quality birch drum shell. The finish is the same as the color finishes on Yamaha's professional acoustic drums.

The playing surface uses Yamaha's Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) material, which has a unique structure that encloses numerous air bubbles of a precise size and frequency. The surface material of the TCS layer imitates the feel of a coated head.

By changing the thickness of the TCS material, and the number of bubbles, we can create a tactile feel that is suitable for toms. In addition, the pad is 2-zone for head and rim triggering.

The shells are formed and finished at Yamaha's acoustic drum factory, and the lugs and hoops are the same as those used on Yamaha's acoustic drums.

These pads are every bit a beautiful as a Yamaha acoustic drum.


Värit / viimeistelyt

12 inch Tom pad with Brich ply shell. Textured Cellular Silicone head. 2-zone. This product is not sold individually in Europe.

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