The first single-layer grand piano action

The first single-layer grand piano action with full length keys provides remarkable expression and control, with a light but positive touch and delicate response.

Metal plates and resonator

Special metal plates and a unique resonator configuration deliver pure, vibrant tonesthroughout the entire range.


Piano-standard keyboard height and a narrow keyslip offer more natural, comfortable posture and hand positioning. Key surfaces of Ivorite and unstained ebony are a pleasure to see and to play.

Music rest

The music rest is positioned to allow clear line-of-sight visibility for both score and conductor.


The damper pedal is aligned as a pianist would expect---slightly right of center.


Double-wheel locking casters ensure easy, durable mobility.


The cabinet, crafted of oak veneer with a mahogany finish and metal grilles, blends well with orchestral settings.


And, of course, Yamaha's worldwide reputation for unwavering quality and support stands behind every instrument.