FB-9000 Series

Flexible setup

Unlike conventional bass drum stands, the FB-9000 series stands can be set to place the top head at the ideal playing height and position without restrictions imposed by stand shape or size.


The stable legs developed for the floor toms used with Yamaha drum sets have been customized to allow ample height adjustment range for standing performance with the FB-9000 series. The leg design has been refined in every detail to ensure that the beautiful resonance and tone of the drums are fully expressed.

Birch Ply Shells

The FB-9000 series uses the same birch ply shells as the CB-7000 concert bass drum series, delivering rich low-frequency harmonics as well as outstanding definition and clarity.

Shell Depth

Although 14” is a common depth for small bass drums, all FB-9000 series models have 16” deep shells for extra sonic depth and dimension.

Air Seal System

Shells and hoops are constructed using Yamaha’s original Air Seal System. Air pressure is used to achieve uniform thickness and roundness that is as close as possible to perfect, for excellent tone and durability.

The ply material is cut into parallelogram sections and hammered into the outer form. Because the edges run at an angle, outward pressure is uniform and optimum roundness is achieved. Multiple plies are fitted into the form while taking care that the edges do not overlap.

An air bag is inserted into the form, inside the plies, and inflated to apply even pressure all around.

All Yamaha concert and marching drums are manufactured using this process.

Dark Wood Finish

The FB-9000 series sports the same elegant dark wood finish as the CT-9000 and CT-8000 series concert toms and CB-9000, CB-8000, and CB-7000 series concert bass drums, extending the visual appeal of dark wood throughout the lineup.


The top heads are Yamaha REMO Powerstroke 3 Coated types, with an internal ring that effectively controls harmonics for well-defined tone. The bottom heads are Yamaha REMO Clear Ambassador types, further contributing to rich, musical tone.

Claw Hooks

The claw hooks feature the same traditional design that is highly regarded in marching bass drum models. The tops of the tuning bolts do not protrude above the top of the hoop, preventing contact while playing and allowing the player to concentrate more fully on the performance.

FT Brackets

The same type of clamping brackets used on high-end Yamaha drums (Absolute Hybrid Maple and Live Custom) are employed on the FB-9000 series. The legs are securely held between the clamping surfaces, effectively preventing slippage during the most dynamic performances.

Safety and the Environment

Special adhesives and certified materials are used in the drum shells to prevent dissipation of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehyde, and other substances that may be harmful to humans and the environment.