Nimi OS koko Viimeisin päivitys
Musicsoft Downloader V5.7.5 for Windows Win 17.2MB 2024-03-21
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.6 for Windows 11/10 (64-bit) Win 4.7MB 2023-10-05
CLP-785 Firmware Updater V1.02 9.7MB 2020-07-01
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.3 for Windows 10/8.1/7 (32-bit/64-bit) Win 7.1MB 2020-03-02

Clavinova CLP-700 Series Catalogue 2024

Nimi Suomi englanti
CLP-785/CLP-775/CLP-745/CLP-735/CLP-795GP/CLP-765GP Owner's Manual [22.9MB]
CLP-785/CLP-795GP Data List [196KB]
CLP-785/CLP-775/CLP-745/CLP-735/CLP-795GP/CLP-765GP MIDI Reference [352KB]
Smart Pianist User Guide (language selectable) [English]
Smart Device Connection Manual for Android [150KB]
Smart Device Connection Manual for iPhone/iPad (iPhone/iPad Connection Manual) [1.5MB]
Computer-related Operations (language selectable) [English]
CLP-785/CLP-775/CLP-745/CLP-735/CLP-795GP/CLP-765GP Notice of Specification Changes [751KB]
CLP-785/CLP-775/CLP-745/CLP-735/CLP-795GP/CLP-765GP Owner's Manual (TEXT) [233KB]
Nimi Suomi englanti
Compatible Android Device for Smart Pianist [151KB]
UK Declaration of Conformity (CLP785B-CLP785PE-CLP785WH) [139KB]
Compatible USB Device List for CLP-735/745/765GP/775/785/795GP [71KB]
Open-source license [124KB]
Smart Pianist Specifications [266KB]