Cleaning Swab for Brass

Featuring a highly absorbent microfiber material, these cleaning swabs prevent corrosion and maximize instrument life by effectively removing moisture and grime from the interior of brass instruments. A nylon guide makes cleaning easy (the trombone version has a string guide).

Cleaning Swab TPHR

For cleaning the slides and leadpipes of Trumpets, Cornets, Flugelhorns, and similar instruments, as well as the slides of French Horns, Alto(Tenor) Horns, Mellophones, and Baritones (not for French Horn or Mellophone 3rd slides).

Cleaning Swab HR2

For cleaning the leadpipes of Horn and Mellophone

Cleaning Swab TBEP

For cleaning the leadpipes of Trombone and Euphonium

Cleaning Swab TB2

For cleaning the Trombone slides

Cleaning Swab BB

For cleaning the leadpipes of Tuba

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