Mouthpiece Swab

Premium quality, made in Japan

These swabs are constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail at our factory in Japan. Heavy-duty reinforced stitching combines with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to produce a finished product that's worthy to use on the finest musical instruments.

Ultra-absorbent microfiber

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that's extremely absorbent, strong and lint-free. The unique shape of the threads allows microfiber to trap moisture and grime much more effectively than traditional fabrics like cotton or wool, making microfiber the superior choice for cleaning.

Maximum contact

The specially designed shape gives this swab maximum contact with the inside of the instrument. This keeps more of the swab touching metal for the best possible cleaning effect while minimizing the chance of getting stuck around tight bends.

Nylon feeder cord

The feeder cord is made completely from nylon so that your instrument won't be scratched or damaged, inside or out.


1. Before insertion into mouthpiece, completely straighten the swab.

2. Insert the nylon guide into the end of the mouthpiece (in either direction) until the nylon guide protrudes from the opposite end.

3. Gently pull the nylon guide until the end of the cloth emerges.

Do not force the swab through until the taped tip comes out of the end of the mouthpiece.

4. Holding the taped tip, pull the remainder of the cloth through the end of the mouthpiece.

Effective cleaning can be performed by stopping the cloth halfway through the mouthpiece and moving it back and forth in the mouthpiece.

Do not force the swab through until the taped tip comes out of the end of the mouthpiece.


・ If the swab is stored in cloth contact with your instrument, case, etc., the color may run. This is dependent on storage location, storage conditions, temperature and/or humidity, etc.

・ Please be aware that hardend dirt and grit on the cloth and string may cause scratches to your instrument body.

・ Wash with lukewarm water below 40℃ , or with water by hand.

・ Large amounts of detergent may cause the cloth dye to run on rare occasions.

・ The swab can be ironed at low temperatures.


・ As the nylon guide is pointed, please handle with care.

・ Do not swing around.

・ Do not wrap around neck.

・ Keep the cloth away from fire.

・ Do not use around small children.

・ Keep out of reach of infants/children.