Rotor Oil

Yamaha drew upon decades of experience manufacturing horns for some of the most demanding players in the world to create a line of 100% synthetic oils designed specifically for musical instruments. In addition to producing smooth action and fast response, the oils protect valves and valve casings from corrosion with a long-lasting coating on pistons and other moving components.

The oil comes in a child resistant container to prevent accidental ingestion.

Long-lasting, Fast Action, Smooth Response

The fast action and smooth response of Yamaha synthetic oils last longer than traditional mineral-based oils while staying consistent and stable even in different temperatures. The special synthetic formulation ensures that the size of the molecules in each viscosity is consistent and provides the optimal balance of duration and performance.Available in four different viscosities to match the oil with your instrument and playing needs.

Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil

In regular mineral oils the molecules aren’t an equal size or weight, making them evaporate at different rates. As smaller molecules evaporate faster, the surface of the valves dries out quickly, making the action feel sticky or slow over time.

Synthetic Oil (Yamaha Valve Oil)

Synthetic Oil (Yamaha Valve Oil)

With Yamaha synthetic oils, the size and weight of the molecules are even. This keeps the oil stable and consistent, making your valves feel smooth for far longer.

Anti-corrosive Effect

Our extensive knowledge about the metals used in musical instruments helped develop a corrosion inhibitor that's added to the oils. This additive, combined with the long-lasting synthetic oil coating, helps protect valves and reduce corrosion.

Child Resistant Container

The oil comes in a child resistant container to prevent accidental ingestion. To open, push the cap down while turning counter-clockwise.