900/800 Series Handmade Flutes

New “Type A” headjoint

The new Yamaha “Type A” headjoint enables the flutist to produce an easy yet colorful sound and still play using a wide dynamic range. Indeed, the “Type A” headjoint has been praised by many players for its “clear sound, which is distinctive even at pianissimo.” Among the improvements to the new “Type A” headjoint is a slightly increased wall thickness that greatly improves the resonance of the headjoint and maximizes the tonal colors available for the performer.


The overall weight of the flute was slightly raised by increasing the thickness of the toneholes. Combined with a special undercut tonehole design that is used only in combination with soldered toneholes, the performer is enabled to play with a colorful palette of sounds. An optimal level of resonance provides a wide dynamic range with the volume and presence needed for performing in professional orchestras.

Flat pad cups

Flattened pad cups provide better stability than more traditional-style pad cups. Pad positions can be adjusted more easily and stabilized for a longer length of time when the pad is seated in a flat pad cup. Because the pad is more stable, it is also able to respond more freely, creating a rich and desirable resonance.

Straubinger pads

Straubinger pads, which are made using a stable plastic base and durable synthetic leather, have been widely adopted as essential components of a high quality Handmade flute. Compared to traditional felt and paper pads that require frequent adjustments, Straubinger pads are more tolerant of environmental change and remain in top playing condition for a longer period of time. A Yamaha Handmade flute with Straubinger pads enables the player to achieve a clear response with a more mature, nuanced sound.

Pinless left-hand key system (In-line, ring key models only)

The high F-F# key movement is improved and much smoother due to a newly developed and innovative pinless left-hand key system.

Acoustic annealing

A special acoustic annealing process that allows for a more pure transmission of vibration from the player to the flute provides Yamaha Handmade flutes with a deep, mature sound and clear response.


The case is compact for easy travel and durable to protect the flute, and is accompanied by a sophisticated case cover. (Left: Handmade Gold, Right: Handmade Silver)