MY4-AEC Acoustic Echo Canceller Card

4ch Adaptive Echo Canceller

The MY4-AEC has 4 channels of adaptive echo cancelling which can automatically find the appropriate setting of AEC according to the environment and the equipment being used. It can be used for multi-location meetings and in large conference rooms.Thanks to its very long 'tail length' (delay time), the MY4-AEC can remove very long delays (max 400ms) and can provide clear sound even when used in very large rooms or for long distance conferencing. As DME/MTX5-D units are easily connected into PA systems, it also makes a noticeable difference in very large rooms where sound reinforcement is required and remote participants are involved.

HD Sound Quality

Web-based remote conferencing is becoming more popular and the sound quality is better than former systems utilizing telephone lines. The MY4-AEC can support a wide frequency range (20-20kHz) ensuring a natural sound for conversation.The sampling rate of the MY4-AEC is 48kHz but it can be used in 96kHz systems by reducing capacity from 4 to 2 channels (96kHz mode is only available for DME64N/DME24N).

4ch Feedback Suppressor and Noise Reduction

In large conference rooms or auditoriums where microphones are used with a PA for voice amplification, the MY4-AEC's 4-ch feedback suppressor employs 42 notch filter bands per channel. Each channel also has Width and Depth parameters that can be adjusted to achieve optimum level.The MY4-AEC is also equipped with a powerful noise reduction function. Any constant, disturbing fan or air conditioning noise can be attenuated, further maximizing the performance of the echo canceller.

Additional 4ch AES/EBU I/O with Sampling Rate Converter

To facilitate the use of other digital equipment, the MY4-AEC card has 4ch AES/EBU I/O. The I/O ports have sampling rate converters ensuring easy connection to equipment with different sampling rates.

Easy Operation with DME Designer and MTX Editor

With DME Designer for DME24N/DME64N and MTX Editor for MTX5-D it is possible to optimize the performance of all the Acoustic Echo Canceller parameters (In case of DME24N/DME64N, DME Designer V4.0 and compatible hardware required).To use with MTX Editor, the template files are provided for your simple setup. Template files are included with the download of MTX Editor V1.2.

With DME designer and MTX Editor, you can easily optimize the performance of the Acoustic Echo Canceller parameters.

- Acoustic Echo Canceller

- Matrix Mixer

- Feedback Suppressor

- Noise Reduction

Acoustic Echo Canceller

The balance between echo reduction level and sound quality can be easily evaluated and maximised during installation.Echo suppression is maximized by setting the Distance parameter to reflect the physical distance between microphone and loudspeaker.

Matrix Mixer

Multi-point conference systems are easily incorporated using the Matrix Mixer which allows up to 4 far-end inputs for each channel of AEC.

Feedback Suppressor

There are 42 notch filter bands whose width and depth parameters can be adjusted for best gain before feedback depending on the room acoustics. Each band will analyze suppression point automatically.

Noise Reduction

Any constant and disturbing fan or HVAC noise can be attenuated using the Noise Reduction feature.