VXC Series "S model"

A Choice of Models for All Low-frequency Needs

Luxurious bass response can enhance musical presence and realism in a big way. The enclosures of VXC series S models incorporate a band-pass design to reduce unwanted vibrations and noise, making it possible to achieve a higher SPL. 

Band-pass structure of VXC8S

Band-pass structure of VXC8S

Smart Design for Safer, Faster Installation

The VXC-S ceiling speakers come with smart mechanical features that contribute to significantly safer, faster installation. And since these models support both low-impedance and high-impedance connection, the need for extra stock is minimized and systems can be designed to ideally meet the requirements of any application.

Carrying Band

Anti-Drop Tab

Hi-Z or Lo-Z

Both high-impedance and low-impedance connections are supported, and speaker wattage can be easily switched even after installation.


A built-in "carrying band" not only makes the speaker easy to carry around, but also increases safety when working on a stepladder.


An anti-drop tab mechanism securely holds the speaker in place so that the installation can proceed safely and efficiently. There’s also a release lever that allows the speaker to be smoothly removed from the ceiling as required.


Double threaded screws used for the speaker clamp mechanism allow the clamps to be tightened twice as fast as conventional screws.


The supplied speaker grilles are firmly and elegantly held in place by powerful magnets. An anti-drop wire is also included.


The supplied grilles can be painted any color to match interior decor.