CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration Systems for Huddle Rooms

All-in-one video conferencing system

A powerful combination of industry-leading adio and video conferencing technology makes remote collaboration easier and more natural than even before.

All-in-one video conferencing system

The Yamaha CS-700 industry-leading 120 degree ultrawide angle camera captures all meeting participants in one field of view. The CS-700 camera covers 80% more areain the whole room, removing the hassle of panning and zooming cameras to see everybody in the room. The high pixel count of the CS-700 ensures that every expression is captured and seen for people up to 10ft/3m from the camera. It is truly a “set it and forget it” video system.

Yamaha's Finest Audio Experience

“Hear every word” has never meant more to meeting success than today. The CS-700 features a beamforming microphone array that picks up every word spoken in the room and delivers it to the far end. Combine that with award-winning audio processing technology integrated in the CS-700 and you have easy, natural conversations between meeting participants with clarity and intelligibility for all.

Flexible Connection

- USB audio and video support

- Connect calls with Bluetooth & NFC

- Works with your chosen UC application

Moving all technologies off the table, keeping tabletop free

Table space in huddle rooms is typically at a premium. The Yamaha CS-700 is a wall mount system, eliminating any need for table-top equipment in the huddle room. The wall mount provides simple installation and makes connecting the wires to the CS-700 easy by use of a special pivot design feature. If you can drill a hole, you can install the CS-700.

Introducing Remote IT Manageability for the huddle room

Managing up to hundreds of huddle rooms is a challenge for any IT department. The Yamaha CS-700 enables remote monitoring and management of the units as well as configuring units in bulk. Upgrade them remotely and automatically through the IP interface. Managing technology in the huddle room just became way simpler!

- Full API to Integrate with Room Control Systems with SSH protocol option

- Remote administration and management, system notifications (SNMP), provisioning server option, auto configuration support

- Easy local configuration with Web-UI or service application

Room Size Expandability

Flexible integration with optional extension microphones

1) Huddle Room (Stand Alone)

2) Middle /Large Conference Room (Extension Microphone Solution)

3) Multi-Purpose Room (Wireless Extension Microphone Solution)