YVC-1000 Unified Communications Microphone & Speaker System

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Microphone Mute Setting by YVC-1000 Configurator [57KB]
USB Setting by YVC-1000 Configurator [694KB]
YVC-1000 Block Diagram [157KB]
YVC-1000 External Mic. Setup Guide [728KB]
YVC-1000 Quick Start Guide [4.6MB]
YVC-1000 Specification changes [24KB]
YVC-1000 User's Manual [1.7MB]
YVC-1000 with PA System Setup Guide [4.7MB]
YVC-MIC1000EX Important Information [523KB]
YVC-MIC1000EX User's Manual [4.8MB]

UC Solution Catalog

YVC-1000 Catalog

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Case Study - YVC-1000 - Chuo University [261KB]
Case Study - YVC-1000 - Marubeni [409KB]
Case Study - YVC-1000 - Summit Public Schools [87.1MB]
Case Study - YVC-1000/200 - Snow Peak Business Solutions [317KB]
UC with COVID-19 leaflet [786KB]
YVC-1000 - CAD Drawing [1MB]
YVC-1000 White Paper [1.4MB]
YVC-MIC1000EX - CAD Drawing [287KB]